Wardrobe fronts

Bloma is the technical partner that will assign character, form, function and detail, component by component.


Touch, without leaving a mark!

Allow yourself to develop wardrobes where simplicity of touch is taken to another level, without this meaning immediate dirt. Discover our Touch collection.

| chipboard panel covered with HPL touch on both sides

Our Touch collection stands out for being anti-fingerprint, for having a very high durability and for great resistance to many factors such as: scratches, heat, abrasion, friction and also acid solvents or household reagents.
Other differentiating characteristics are that this material as a very low bacterial load and its easy to clean. Its also water repellent and mold proof.

Check out all available color references and contact us to get your quote!

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frentes de roupeiro touch frentes de roupeiro touch roupeiro touch wardrobe touch wardrobe

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