privacy policy

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privacy policy


Bloma is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of personal data provided to us.

In order to offer you the best product and service, we are committed to treating the personal data provided to us, with prior consent, during the course of the commercial or contractual relationship between both parties.

Please read our privacy policy carefully. There you can find information about the purposes of data processing received, for how long these data will be in our possession, as well as the ways to contact us in order to exercise all your rights of access, rectification of data and erasure, limitation of processing, portability and opposition to the processing of your personal data.

Responsibility for Data Processing

The company Bloma, with registered office at Área de Acolhimento Empresarial de Ul, Lote 20, 3720-070 Loureiro, Oliveira de Azeméis, is responsible for collecting and processing your personal data. This entity, which provides you with the service, or supplies the product, in this regard, decides what data is collected, the means of processing and purpose of the data collected, according to the consent given by the individual entity, in accordance with the General Regulation on Data Protection.

Bloma has appointed a Data Protection Officer who monitors compliance of data processing with applicable regulations and is a point of contact with the customer or user for clarification of questions regarding the processing of their data by Bloma. Should you have any questions, please contact him via email:

What is the purpose of processing my data?

Your data is processed by Bloma for the applicable purpose until you exercise your right to object, right to be forgotten or withdraw consent.

After the data retention period, Bloma will delete the data if it is not to be retained for a different purpose which it can replace.

Types of purposes

  1. Commercial Management
    1. Client management in order to provide a sales and after-sales support service
    2. Complaints management
  2. Marketing
    1. Communication of products, services and campaigns via e-mail marketing
    2. Analysis of consumer profile and target audience
    3. Adaptation of products to the analysed target
    1. Accounting and Invoicing
    2. Tax information, including submission of information to the tax authority
    1. For contractual purposes of any kind (partnership, commercial, labour)

Data Retention Period

The period for which Bloma keeps and processes your personal data will depend on the purpose for which they are processed.

Bloma will hold and process your personal data for as long as it has a contractual, commercial, or partnership relationship with you.

You may, however, declare in writing and unequivocally that you object to the processing, and that you wish your data to be deleted and forgotten.

Please note that in cases where we have a specific legal obligation to retain data, for example for information provided to the Tax Authority for accounting or tax purposes, the data will be retained for the periods stipulated by law.

Rights of Data Subjects

Right of access - the right to have confirmation of what personal data is processed and information about it.

Right of rectification - right to correct data that you consider inaccurate or incomplete, such as address, telephone contact details, among others.

Right to erasure of data/right to "be forgotten" - right to obtain the erasure of your personal data, provided that there are no valid reasons for its retention (e.g. in the case of legal compliance with data preservation)

Right to Portability - the right to receive the personal data you have transmitted and provided to us in a digital format for current use and automatic reading. As well as, the right to request the transmission of such data to another entity

Right to Withdraw Consent or Right to Object - you have the right to object or withdraw consent at any time to the processing of your personal data

Right of Limitation - you have the right to request the limitation of the processing of your data, and may limit the scope of the processing to certain categories or purposes of processing

Right to complain - right to complain to Bloma or the Data Protection Officer, and right to complain to the supervisory authority - the CNPD.

Exercise your rights

Bloma intends that you have the right to exercise your rights free of charge, except when your requests are unfounded or excessive. Information and requests should be made in writing to the contacts designated below, depending on the relationship you have with the company.

Answers to requests will be given within a maximum of 30 days, unless the request is so complex that this deadline cannot be met.



Letter: Attention Data Protection Officer Área de Acolhimento Empresarial de Ul Lote 20. 3720-070 Loureiro - Oliveira de Azeméis. Portugal


Processing of personal data may be performed by a reputable service provider under contract with Bloma. The service provider will process the data only for the purposes established by Bloma. Bloma will take the necessary contractual measures to ensure that the service provider respects and protects the owner's personal data.

Our values

Our values of commitment and trust lead us intrinsically to respect and protect all the data that you freely provide to us. We are also committed to supporting you in accessing reliable, clear and unambiguous information about your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. We are fully available to assist you in clarifying any questions that arise in this regard.



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