Tailor made solutions

Bloma is the technical partner that imbues character, shape, function and detail, into each and every component.

A new brand with an experienced structure

A quality brand made in Portugal, based on the savoir faire and experience of a professional team endowed with technical knowledge.


Customised Services

We develop customized products tailored to your projects. We have the ability tocut and machine all material. We supply materials in standard sizes, or in the size appropriate for each project. The result is kitchen doors and wardrobes, modules and furniture in compact laminate that guarantee quick installation and an excellent end result.

At Bloma Phenolics we also have the ability to deliver a turnkey service, with the guarantee of production and installation in the space you desire.

Custom Advice

We have the technical knowledge and advice that shape your projects.


Product and Service Quality

We are a reliable and rigorous ally. We work with the best suppliers of raw materials, and guarantee a quality processed product with finishes that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of spaces.


The procedural knowledge we acquired over the years goes into all our products.



Through our experience, we create innovative and excellent solutions within the stipulated deadlines.

We are the technical partner that adds value to your project.