Compact Laminate Urinal Stalls

Bloma is the technical partner that will assign character, form, function and detail, component by component.

Compact Laminate Urinal Stalls

Match aesthetics and functionality with our Compact Laminate!

Meeting the needs of companies and public entities in obtaining products capable of complying with hygienic requirements while maintaining low levels of maintenance, at Bloma we develop Compact Laminate Urinal Stalls for every kind of project.

Through their versatility, from being able to be fixed to the ground or just the wall and the possibility of customization, due to the wide variety of colors we have available, our urinal stalls are suited for every project, without compromising the space in any of them.

So that you can provide an unparalleled service to your customers, we also have turnkey installation services. Tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest!

Check out below the types of compact laminate urinal stalls we develop, as well as all the colors we have available and respective prices.

Download documents

Example Urinal Stall Bloma – without foot

Example Urinal Stall Bloma – with foot


Advantages of interior compact laminate

  • High humidity resistance
  • High impact and scratch resistance
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Easy handling and installation
  • High fire resistance
  • High resistance to chemicals

Samples available

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